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Mensroom Brand Registration


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  1. The MENSROOM is operated on consignment, meaning brands provide stock for the weekend of Menske to be displayed and sold in the MENSROOM pop-up retail and gallery space.

  2. An inventory of stock given plus a list of retail pricing must be supplied and signed off by both a Menske representative and the brand representative upon pick up.

  3. Sales will be processed during the week directly following Menske. All items not sold will be returned to you in this week. Menske will provide you with a list of items sold and the total value to be paid to you. You will then need to provide Menske with an invoice prior to payment being made. Invoices will be paid promptly by Menske.

  4. The involvement fee for the MENSROOM is $120 plus 30% of the retail price of items sold within the MENSROOM during the Menske event. This cost will cover design, VM, set-up/pack down, handling, sales personell and pre/post event brand promotion.

  5. We go to great lengths to ensure Menkse is a beautifully curated event and space that guys want to enter in to, hang out in and shop at. Please help us get the word out to the right audience by following our social media strategy. We request that you share the event accross your current audiences via social media and invite your industry contacts.

  6. Finally, we promise to do our part to make this event considered in layout and flow, super-chilled in attitude, collaborative in atmosphere, as well as high-end in product and quality. Please keep in mind our ethos of supporting our industry and fellow designers and working together to bring the men of Melbourne one very fine event, as this is the core of Menske!