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  1. You are free to set up your space in order to communicate your brand and culture, however keep in mind the objectives, creativity, quality and high-end nature of this event. Examples of past exhibitor set ups can be viewed at Please note, we will not accept any market stall/table displays.

  2. We love and encourage work in action as part of your space if possible eg. Barber cuts, Custom Shoe-making, Made to Order etc.

  3. We go to great lengths to ensure Menske is a beautifully curated event and space that guys want to enter in to, hang out in and shop at. Please help us get the word out to the right audience by following our social media strategy. We request that you share the event across your current audiences via social media and invite your industry contacts. Many sales and future stockists were secured at previous events due to people attending that were invited by another exhibitor.

  4. Each exhibitor space at Menske is valuable as there are only a limited number available. As such, involvement fees paid are non-refundable after 3/5/15, however if we are able to secure a similar exhibitor at such late notice to take your spot, you will be refunded 50% of the fee.

  5. Tables can be requested for hire (additional $25) by COB 13/4/15.

  6. Finally, we promise to do our part to make this event considered in layout and flow, super-chilled in attitude, collaborative in atmosphere, as well as high-end in product and quality. Please keep in mind our ethos of supporting our industry and fellow designers and working together to bring the men of Melbourne one very fine event, as this is the core of Menske!